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How To Cancel A Pub Or Restaurant Booking Without Being A Dick

Written by on December 17, 2021

We’ve been down this road before, cancelling train and theatre tickets, restaurant and pub bookings, and other general festivities.

With the Omicron variant on the rise (case numbers are at a record-breaking 11,708), it’s bound to make you re-think your pre-Christmas plans.

But now we’re isolating where necessary and taking plenty of precautions, the hospitality business is suffering again.

Some restaurants have seen up to 1,000 reservations cancelled, resulting in tens of thousands of pounds worth of losses.

Currently, establishments are allowed to operate normally without restrictions such as social distancing, but many have been forced to close early, meaning they’re haemorrhaging cash, while others are working in a limited capacity. 

So, if you are someone who had plans for a festive gathering out with friends of family but are now unable to go due to isolation or fears about Covid, there are ways of cancelling that don’t leave them pubs and restaurants screwed.

Don’t be rude, call ahead

If you were cancelling a friend’s dinner plans, you’d have the courtesy to call. Equally, if you’re unable to make a pub or restaurant booking, let them know as soon as you can.

This means they can adjust their food deliveries from suppliers as well as their staffing levels and generally plan ahead for the number of people they actually need to cook for. If that’s nobody, they might even need to close for the night.

Restaurants are turning into ghost towns.

Arrange delivery instead

If you want to support your local but are physically to turn up, then don’t forget, you can ask to have the food delivered as a takeaway. 

If they can fulfil the order, the restaurant will still getting paid, not waste and food, and you’ll have a delicious meal at home you don’t need to prepare.

Pick up the food yourself

Not all businesses will have their own drivers which means you may not be able to arrange delivery.

But no stress, if you’re not self-isolating and can do so safely, try to pick up the items – wearing a mask of course – so your dinner doesn’t go to waste.

Offer it to the homeless

Some pubs and restaurants have a system in place to donate any leftover food/ingredients to local homeless charities and shelters.

Call the business to find out if this is an option. With many high streets turning into ghost towns over the festive period, it’s even harder for homeless people to get help and money.

This option ensures they have a delicious warm meal to eat.

Postpone your plans

Hey, the pandemic has to end sometime, right? While that might not be any time soon, at least you can postpone your plans to when things are looking better.  Perhaps when you’ve been boosted and the UK has curbed its spread of Omicron?

Ask if they can hold your booking / deposit until then. This gives them the hope of future revenue and the confidence of your custom These are just a few things you can do to help businesses over what looks to be a difficult winter for all.

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