I went to Spring Lane Farm Shop and it had great food and the service was amazing

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I visited Spring Lane Farm Shop, one of Nottingham’s best farm shops according to Tripadvisor reviews. The farm shop is on the outskirts of Nottingham in Mapperley and reviews say “it’s well worth a visit.”

Shop reviews say that the farm shop has “fantastic products. Deli counter is absolutely beautiful, freshly made pies, scotch eggs, quiches, samosas and many other things.”

So I went to Spring Lane Farm Shop to see what it was like. When I went into the Farm Shop the first thing I saw was the deli counter, full with cheeses, pies and pastries.

I told the staff at the counter I was looking to try some food. The staff were so lovely. She told me there’s a butcher’s counter with all the meats, a bakery with breads, cakes and sausage rolls and to take a look around the shop.

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There was everything from fresh produce to gifts such as candles and sweets to frozen foods. I was shocked at how big it was in the shop, each counter was fairly big and had a big range of foods.

The food I bought from Spring Lane Farm Shop, Mapperley Plains
The food I bought from Spring Lane Farm Shop, Mapperley Plains

It was very busy, a lot of people were coming and going so I could tell how popular it was.

I headed to the bakery where there were so many freshly made foods. There were so many different sweet treats to choose from and they were all produced at the farm shop. There were cherry and almond slices, fruity flapjack, rice crispy cake, cornflake tart, cheese scones and so much more.

I asked the lady at the counter what the best cake was and she said a personal favourite of hers was the scone. She was ever so lovely and welcoming. The scone had raisins in it and fresh cream – it was huge. It looked so nice so I had no choice but to get it.

Fresh Cream Scone from Spring Lane Farm Shop, Mapperley Plains
Fresh Cream Scone from Spring Lane Farm Shop, Mapperley Plains

When trying the scone I understood why the lady had recommended it to me because it was so tasty. I think the cream was the best part, honestly it was one of the best scones I’ve ever had. It is definitely very filling but so tasty.

At the counter there were some cheese straws that caught my eye. They looked so good but I might be biased since I love anything with cheese in it. Again, I wasn’t disappointed, they were delicious. I kept snacking on the cheese straws as soon as I opened the bag. They were so cheesy and the pastry was just right.

Cheese Straws from Spring Lane Farm Shop, Mapperley Plains
Cheese Straws from Spring Lane Farm Shop, Mapperley Plains

I then asked what hot food there was, they had sausage rolls and a chicken tikka pasty. I’m not a fan of chicken tikka so I went for the sausage roll. It was lovely and hot and the smell was just amazing. The pastry was nice and crisp and the sausage was so tasty.

When I was walking to the counter to pay I walked past the cakes again. The cornflake tart just looked too good so I thought I would quickly grab one. The cornflake tart was such a big slice and it was £1.99. The strawberry jam in the tart was to die for, it was delicious.

Cornflake Tart from Spring Lane Farm Shop, Mapperley Plains
Cornflake Tart from Spring Lane Farm Shop, Mapperley Plains

The tart was perfect, it was nice and soft and it fell into pieces nicely in my mouth. My mum tried it too and she absolutely loved it. Overall Spring Lane Farm Shop was amazing. The staff were so friendly and chatty. The food I tried was so tasty, I wish I could go back to buy another scone.

Personally, I think it was all reasonably priced as well, everything I bought totalled up to £5.43. Just like the review said it is “well worth the visit.” Location: Spring Lane, Mapperley Plains NG3 5RQ

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todayApril 18, 2022 4

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