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Brexit ‘obviously a contributory factor’ to shortage of HGV drivers – shadow chancellor

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Brexit is “obviously a contributory factor” to the shortage of HGV drivers that is having a knock-on effect across the economy, the shadow chancellor has told Sky News.

Speaking to Kay Burley from the Labour Party conference in Brighton, Rachel Reeves said: “To deny that I think flies in the face of reality.

Fuel supply crisis: Live updates as drivers queue outside petrol stations and cause congestion on roads

“There are other problems as well, an ageing workforce, problems with the pandemic.

“But when you cut off a supply of labour which we did when we left the European Union then you are of course contributing and adding to problems.”

She was responding to comments from Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who told Sky News last week: “I’ve seen people point to Brexit as if it’s the culprit here. In fact, they’re wrong.”

The HGV shortage, which has been estimated at more than 100,000 drivers, has led to fuel supply issues and in turn sparked instances of panic buying of petrol.

Supermarkets have also in some cases struggled to fill their shelves.