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Breakfast Show with DJ Proud Playing Breakfast Show with DJ Proud By The Hit Network UK


Out on air automation system makes it easy to broadcast a show. All you need is a computer with a Broadband Connection, our Broadcast Client and a stack of MP3s. You does not need a mixer-desk to do shows on The Hit Network, as we can accommodate Presenters who only have a headset. (Our client allows the best of both worlds)

Airsuite Main Window, with the Broadcast Client running in the foreground

Our advanced Broadcast Client also lets you know when to begin broadcasting your show and when to stop. It’s quick to setup, easy to use and as mentioned before, can be used with either a mixer-desk or with just a headset and your Favourite broadcast application!

Our streaming platform (Airsuite) gives us powerful tools, to manage the station in the cloud. From the web based control panel, we can manage shows, the schedule and our Presenters; directly, quickly and easily. From adding new Presenters to the system, to scheduling shows, nothing beats the power or the sheer brilliance of our Automation System. The best part is, our Management Interface can be accessed from any computer with a Internet connection and a web browser, at home, at work or on your mobile device, The Hit Network is never out of reach!

Airsuite comes with built in user management, which has powerful permissions, which allows us to define what access level our Broadcasters have. Also, Airsuite enforces the schedule, allowing presenters access to airtime, only when their show is scheduled and cannot be overridden! Systems such as Centova cast do not have this sort of management, so a presenter using a system like this, could in theory; hog the stream. Also, the auto reconnect feature in software like Sam Broadcaster, Oddsock etc so that means that even a reboot of the system; may not shake a airtime hogger off.

A mentioned before, this is how Airsuite is different. The system will not allow a presenter on air before their slot time (But it will connect the presenter to the server, as long as they do so within 60 mins of their start time) and it will disconnect them at the top of every hour and then reconnect them. The system will then disconnect the Presenter and not allow them back on air, once the final hour of their show is over.

Management of the station is all web based and in the cloud

Airsuite Shows Upload Screen

We can also manage all our digital media in the cloud. (Songs, Jingles, Pre-Recorded Shows and Promos) The simple web interface, allows us to upload media quickly and seamlessly, without affecting the station output..

Pre-Recorded Shows, can be easily uploaded to the system, via it’s web-based Management Portal. Show uploads can be done in any browser, which supports Ajax. (Not Vim which is a brand of cleaning product!) When using the Airsuite Show Splitter, you can also upload multiple hour shows, (if they are one large file) and the upload system supports shows in multiple parts, as well.

Airsuite Formats Page

Each show has it’s own format. (This is just for the server and not for the Presenters). The format, is basically a template; which Airsuite uses for shows. When a Presenter is live, Airsuite switches the source from the playlist to the live Presenter’s stream. If that Presenter gets kicked or disconnects, the system will reconnect the playlist and resume playback. When there is a pre-recorded show, the system will automatically place the files for that show, at the top of the playlist and play those files before the playlisted files.

Each format, starts with the Top Of The Hour, which is a mandatory requirement for each format. Our Top Of The Hour, plays a TOTH Jingle and followed by jingles and promos, as appropriate

Our Unified Messaging Centre

Our Unified Messaging Centre, allows the Presenter on air, to receive emails, voicemails, tweets and Facebook Messages, in one single inbox. This saves Presenters remembering usernames and passwords for email and social media accounts. All Presenters have access to this feature, via the Airsuite Gateway and is a simplified interface, for managing requests and dedications, from our listeners.

Airsuite’s Permissions Control

Airtsuite also provides a Access Control System, which doesn’t only prevent “on air hogging”, but also allows us to control which parts of Airsuite a user may access. For instance, a Presenter usually gets access to Broadcasts, Station Stats, Message Centre, Desktop Tools and change password. Other features of Airsuite are locked off.

Management and more senior volunteers can be granted additional privileges, which allow them to perform additional tasks, such as scheduling, adding users, system maintenance, uploading of shows and much more.

The Whole Airsuite Interface, is delivered securely, using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which means that the connection to the system is always secure.

Our website is hosted by Crystal Hosting. Our server runs Cloud Linux, with the cPanel Control Panel installed.