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‘I’m thinking someone’s going to come and kill us’: British national still in Kabul makes plea for help

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A British national still in Afghanistan has told Sky News he fears for the lives of him and his family after they were unable to evacuate.

Jawad (not his real name) wanted to board an evacuation flight on 23 August, but could not reach any British or US troops as “there were thousands of people” at Kabul’s Baron Hotel, where the UK was processing evacuees.

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Taliban forces patrol at a runway a day after the U.S. troops withdrawal from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul
Image: Taliban soldiers riding a military jeep on patrol at a runway at Hamid Karzai International Airport

Since then, he has been in hiding with his children and wife, afraid to leave and fearing for his life after the Taliban took control of Kabul.

Jawad, who is a locum pharmacist in southeast England, has two children – a three-year-old and eight-month baby.

They went to Afghanistan in June to see his wife’s family.

They are all British citizens, except his wife, who is an Afghan national with a British residence visa.

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He contacted the British embassy to be evacuated when the Taliban entered Kabul on 15 August, but didn’t receive a response until 23 August.

He was told to go to the Baron Hotel, but when he arrived there were “thousands” of people there, and he couldn’t get through for evacuation.

The US has completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan after the last of its planes took off from Kabul airport.
Image: The US completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan after the last of its planes took off from Kabul on Tuesday morning

“I have lost hope. I was shocked and so worried,” Jawad told Sky News.

“I just hugged my wife, no one is here to help us now.

“I don’t know what is going to happen. I am just thinking someone’s going to come and kill us.

“There is a lot of Taliban around here.”

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Taliban celebrates as last US troops leave Kabul

Jawad is pleading with the UK government to “rescue us from here” – and said countries including Denmark and Germany had contacted citizens who were in Kabul and helped them board flights.

“The British government didn’t do this,” he claimed.

“They just took out the diplomatic people and took out some people who knew the army there.

“So, for people like me, I didn’t know the army and I didn’t know anyone.”

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Jawad added that he and his family haven’t left the house since 23 August out of fear, and that gunfire kept him awake until 4am on Monday morning.

Jawad has also called and emailed the Foreign Office and British embassy, but has not received any guidance.

Sky News has contacted the Foreign Office for comment.