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To allow us to keep providing a local community radio service across Long Eaton and the UK we need your support and backing, to continue to serve the community and continue to be your station playing the best mix of music. Help support the Hit Network by making a small profitable donation to the station all proceeds raised go towards keeping us on the air because we want to be able to deliver a truely local radio station you can be proud of but cannot do it without you

All donations are apricated no matter how small and all donations are used strictly to keep The Hit Network on air.

Amount Raised 11th February 2021
£940 of £1000 Target

How to make a donation

By PayPal

You can make a donation to our PayPal using the button below. PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money or make an online payment.


By Bank Transfer

You can a donation by BACS using the infomation below.

Name: The Hit Network

Sort Code: 77-26-27

Account Number: 34213960