Station Policy

The Hit Network and our Subsidiaries is a community interest-based internet broadcaster serving the Midlands regions of the UK. Our staff are comprised of specialised journalists, writers and presenters and or others who care about freedom and social injustice. are dedicated to giving our audience a point of view, with a special emphasis on topics of local concern. As a commercial free broadcaster, we focus on offering a wide variety of specialised output that are now almost totally excluded from the airwaves. This will include local people from around the UK and groups from around the Midlands community. We will also broadcast independent music, call-in talk shows, uncensored news and children’s programming. The vast majority of shows will be produced locally by our staff. We will also work closely with local authorities and public safety personnel to provide emergency broadcast information in the event of weather and climate emergencies, or other public disasters. Cultural programming will also be a key ingredient in our daily broadcast schedule. We believe a local community station such as ours has a special obligation to ensure that local poets, musicians and other artists have an opportunity to be heard.

Our airwaves will never be used to advocate violence against any human or animal. We will not tolerate “hate speech” in the name of “free speech.” We define hate speech as that designed to inflame hatred or prejudice against anyone based on their race, sexual preference, class, sex, religion, or status of being unhoused. We believe we can best serve the public interest when all topics of concern to the community, such as those listed above, can be discussed without concerns or fears over offending advertisers.

For this reason, we have chosen non-commercialism as the course best suited for ourselves and our listening community. Station fund raising activities will include, but will not be limited to: a) solicitations from listeners, b) t-shirt sales, c) the sponsoring of concerts and talks. Persons who violate, undermine, or act contrary to the values, goals, and ideals outlined in this mission statement will be asked to leave the airwaves. Such determinations will be made by a central, core staff of at least, but not less than, five (5) individuals who will also be actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the station.

The central staff shall function as a collective or directing board, and will be referred to as “the Collective.” Decisions to terminate someone from the airwaves will be made by a simple majority vote of the Collective. All other decision making will be done by consensus of the Collective. The Collective will determine financial transactions and conduct all other station business. The Collective may vote to increase its membership only by consensus. All persons retaining membership in the Collective must work in the day-to-day operation of the station. We also believe a small community station such as ours should provide training opportunities to members of the community, particularly youth, who wish to learn studio production skills, news gathering, DJing, and other aspects of running a broadcast operation. We will endeavour, whenever possible, to make our facilities available for this purpose. Indeed, we regard station volunteers as an invaluable resource. Such volunteers will be an integral part of our operation. As an association, we are non-racist, non-sexist and non-violent. We welcome participants of all ages and sexual orientations. We have extended our sphere of compassion to the Earth and all its creatures.