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Thirteen people rescued after roof collapse trapped them inside flats

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Thirteen people have been rescued after a roof collapse trapped them inside a block of flats.

Firefighters were called to a building in Ladbroke Grove, west London, on Sunday night after the partial collapse of the external fascia from the roof.

Ladders were used to bridge the gap across the building’s front steps.

Chesterton Road roof collapse
Chesterton Road roof collapse

Andrea Lovell, who lives in one of the properties worst affected by the damage, said she put her 10-year-old to bed last night when she “heard a bang” before she “saw dust” and “the stairs had half gone”.

“We’re traumatised, we have no clothing, I can’t work, we can’t do anything”, she added. “We haven’t got anything at the moment, we’re basically homeless, and not sure what’s going to happen.

“We called emergency housing services, no one got back to me, this morning they assumed I’m in emergency accommodation, which no one has told me about yet.

Partial roof collapse in Ladbroke Grove London

“But we’re happy that no one is hurt, I just really want to get to my home, all my stuff and pets are still in there.

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“I’m just happy we’re all alive and safe.”

Another local resident, Melissa Iijertwood, said that despite not being affected by the roof collapse, she was “worried” about her neighbours and has taken one of them in.

She said: “They’re traumatised, I’m happy I can at least help some of those it’s been worse for.

“If it would’ve been the night before someone would’ve been killed.”

Station commander Brett Loft, who was at the scene, said: “Four properties were affected by the collapse, which involved part of the front of the parapet wall at roof level.

“The debris had fallen onto the front steps of the properties and had trapped people inside.

Chesterton Road roof collapse

“Firefighters led 13 people from different flats within the building to safety using ladders to bridge the gap across the steps.

“Fortunately, no one was injured”.

Crews were at the scene for around four hours, with four fire engines, three rescue units and a number of support vehicles on hand to help residents who were stuck inside.